3 Common Types of Thyroid Tests

HBI Blog / 3 Common Types of Thyroid Tests

Thyroid problems have become one of the most common ones in the world. Various types of thyroid tests are there to understand the physiology of the thyroid. These tests help a doctor define the exact size of the gland, its functionality, and the health of the gland.

The thyroid tests help a doctor detect any complications in the thyroid gland. These tests include multiple scans, biopsies, lab-based testing, and physical assessment. Here is some of the most common test for the thyroid gland:

Serum Measurements

This test is the most common one and is known as “Radioimmunoassay”. With the help of this test, doctors can determine the exact amount of Thyroxine, which is the primary hormone secreted into the blood by the thyroid gland.

This test is of two types:

  1. This test helps a doctor decide the exact dosage of Thyroxine needed by the body. People who are suffering from thyroid complications need to be issued an exact dosage of Thyroxine.
  2. The other kind of test determines whether the hormone is functioning appropriately in the human body.

common test for the thyroid gland

Thyroid Binding Globulin or TBG

TBG is a protein within the blood that attracts most of the hormones produced by the thyroid gland. This test helps determine the exact amount of TBG protein in the blood. Too much or too little of this protein results in unusual results and indicates potential complications in the thyroid gland.

Genetic predisposition is often responsible for such complications.

Thyroid Scan

Another common thyroid test, this scan helps get a picture of the gland. An iodine uptake test is performed on the patient to determine the functionality of the thyroid gland. Then, the patient undergoes the “Radioisotope” test that helps the doctor evaluate the final results.

The thyroid gland absorbs the iodine and depending on how much time it takes to absorb, the doctor will determine if the gland is properly functioning or needs treatment.

These are some of the common thyroid tests. If you suspect an issue with your thyroid gland, get it treated today.

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