4 Ways An Employer can Benefit from Direct Primary Care

HBI Blog / 4 Ways An Employer can Benefit from Direct Primary Care

The cost of healthcare has risen with steady consistency over the past 50 years. Back in 1960, national health spending was five percent of the country’s GDP. In 2016, this figure rocketed to 17.9 percent of the United State’s GDP. Research shows that in 2016, private-sector employees alone had to pay $665 billion in health-related costs.

Direct Primary Care – The Solution!

Direct primary care practice can help both employers and employees to get rid of all the unwanted costs that come with healthcare. It works without insurance and, in exchange for an affordable membership fee (monthly/annual), provides optimized healthcare with no co-pays or hidden costs.

Here are 4 ways a company can benefit from the cash medical practice model:

4 Ways a Employer can Benefit from DPC

Money Saver – Better than Ever…

Increased patient access, self-pay patient, extended appointment time with the doctor, and specialist-led healthcare navigation are some of the advantages of direct family primary care. However, the best advantage is its low monthly fee. Typically, an employer has to pay around $30-90 a month per employee, which is considerably lower than the annual insurance premium a company needs to flush out.

Studies have shown that opting for direct primary care instead of insurance can lift the savings percentage of a company by double digits.

Forget Absenteeism and Offer Convenience

The virtual component of cash medical practice lets patients connect with their primary care physicians anytime, anywhere. The doctors are open via phone, texts, emails, and other modes of contact. What’s more, employees can enjoy same-day or next-day in-office appointments. It not only means missing less time at work but also offers a greater level of convenience to the employees with chronic conditions.

Good Healthcare…Better Productivity

Healthcare and productivity go hand in hand. direct primary care helps an employer address the healthcare issues of his employees in the most convenient way possible with cash paying patient facility. They can visit the primary care doctor whenever they want and can get optimized healthcare even before the problem gets bigger. It results in happier employees, and as the end product, employers are gifted with increased productivity.

Promotion of Health-Culture for FREE!!

Just imagine, while other companies are struggling to meet the healthcare needs of their employees, the employer, who opted for the DPC model, is already a step ahead. It might be the best way to promote the health-oriented culture and commitment towards the employees for a company – all of it at no extra cost of promotion.

Several large companies have already integrated Direct Primary Care into their benefits packages. Companies with as few as ten employees can opt for the cash medical practice model and can find themselves in a win-win situation.

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