4 Ways ‘BAD’ Behavior Can be Good

HBI Blog / 4 Ways ‘BAD’ Behavior Can be Good

Yes, the title is strange, and the content will be stranger. But the words are from a thorough study of human behavior and its outcomes. Research has uncovered multiple benefits from instances of what might otherwise refer to as ‘bad’ behavior.


Swearing has multiple well-documented benefits including improved pain tolerance, helping social cohesion, and boosting physical strength. A recent study also indicated that swearing can be an effective coping strategy for dealing with road rage. The study (human behavior) included rage-induced driving scenarios where drivers were divided into two groups. Half were instructed to swear out loud or quietly, while the other half were asked to be silent.

The group asked to swear reported to be feeling more positive afterward. This is why swearing remains a cheap, calorie-neutral, readily available, and drug-free means of self-help.

human behavior


Another strange thing, isn’t it? Well, the test subject for this study (human behavior) will raise your eyebrows. Few German students living and studying at a Dutch university were given drinks consisting of vodka and bitter lemon. After drinks, the students were asked to speak for two minutes in Dutch, their second language. Their vocabulary and pronunciation were recorded and were much better than another group of students, who had no drinks, but water!


It is often unclear to us in several phases of life whether we are asking ourselves the right questions, let alone seeking the right answers. These are the times we need to confront our ‘absolute stupidity’, as per researchers. Once we accept this feeling, it helps us become more liberating, and helps us through and tolerate our own mistakes. Besides, research shows that most of us are over-confident in our abilities. Being a bit stupid by choice will help us face the truth. 


Do boring people get bored only? No. We all get bored from time to time. According to psychologists, boredom is a feeling of having no purpose or intention. It compels us to try and establish meaning in what we are doing. It makes space for creativity. Therefore, instead of looking down upon boredom, think of it as a state to embrace as a condition of new possibilities and opportunity.

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