A Breakthrough in Cancer Treatment

HBI Blog / A Breakthrough in Cancer Treatment

Chemotherapy (Cancer Treatment) has many types and variations and almost all have been proven effective in slowing down the progression of cancer cells and ultimately, eliminating them.

Worst part of this lifesaving cancer treatment… it can kill the healthy cells along with the cancerous cells.

A new kid (breakthrough) in the block

DNA-based nanogels can break down and release the chemotherapeutic contents specifically in cancer cells while minimizing their impacts on the healthy cells.

Nanogel can potentially eliminate the painful and uncomfortable side effect of the chemotherapy as well.

Most of the chemotherapeutic drugs are toxic to all cells, which brings about several undesirable side effects like hair loss, gastrointestinal issues, and fatigue. Nanogels made of DNA will deliver the drug to all cells. But only the cells with cancerous properties will be able to break the drug down.

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