A Little Pain is Good for Us

HBI Blog / A Little Pain is Good for Us

Pain and suffering are necessary, no matter how unpleasant they may be. It encourages us to take necessary actions while alerting us to potential dangerous stimuli. In this context, researchers have found, pain neurons in the gut help regulate the secretion of protective mucus and thus maintain our gut health.

The experiment

To mimic the symptoms, inflammatory illness known as colitis in mice, researchers stimulated their pain receptors, which led to an increase in mucus production. 

As a response to this stimuli the goblet cells get triggered to churn out more mucus to protect the surface of the organs.

The researchers hypothesize that this reaction to unpleasant stimuli may aid in the removal of toxic chemicals from the stomach.

But how does pain help in regulating gut health?

Inflammatory bowel illnesses, including ulcerative colitis, gut dysbiosis, and pain neurons may be related, claim the researchers. 

Mice lacking pain neurons were discovered to be more susceptible to colitis. The condition was also much worse. This indicates that acute pain helps to maintain the gut barrier in inflammatory bowel diseases.

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