Allergens Love Smartphones 

HBI Blog / Allergens Love Smartphones 

That handy little device in your hands is probably making you sneeze repeatedly. Even a study found out smartphones are loaded with allergens like cat or dog allergens, bacteria, and fungi. Might as well give your smartphones frequent wipes after this one.

Under the Microscope 

To conduct the study, the researchers used 15 volunteers and phone simulators. Each participant ran a pair of electrostatic wipes over the models.

The researchers discovered increased and inconsistent quantities of something known as -D glucans (BDG). These can affect the airways and are a sign of mold. They also discovered varying concentrations of the bacterium endotoxin.

The phones of pet owners also had loads of cat and dog allergens.

Make Your Smartphones Allergens Free

On smartphones, the combination of benzyl benzoate and tannic acid was most successful in lowering cat and dog allergies. While the combination of chlorhexidine/cetylpyridinium was most successful in reducing BDG and endotoxin.

Isopropyl Alcohol wipes worked too but not as well.

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