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Around 35 percent of people are born without wisdom teeth. The percentage will only increase with the evolution of human race. Same theory is applicable for appendixes, and little toes too.

Health Facts

Caffeine withdrawal is a mental disorder… as per the DSM-V handbook of The American Psychiatric Association.

It was a dentist who invented the cotton candy machine. Ironic?

Around 12 percent of us dream in black and white.

Homosexuality was classified as an illness in Sweden until 1979.

Adrenaline rush causes blushing.

The color you see in a pitch-black room is called eigengrau.

Left Wing party in Sweden started a campaign to make men sit while urinating… the campaign is not going so well.

A study done in 2009, found that men may become cogitatively impaired while interacting with an attractive woman. Further, they discovered that a thought of talking to a pretty woman increases the likelihood of saying something very stupid.

Lastly… some cats are allergic to human – hope this makes you feel better about why your cat doesn’t give S**t about you.

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