Approval of Pfizer Vaccine & The Months Ahead

HBI Blog / Approval of Pfizer Vaccine & The Months Ahead

The U.K. becomes the first country to approve the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine for widespread use. The government has already ordered 40 million doses of which, the first batch of 800,000 doses will ship shortly from Belgium – where the Pfizer vaccine is manufactured, in the next few days. It will immunize 400,000 people (two doses per person).

Pfizer Vaccine


The news is good and there is every reason to be optimistic. However, health experts warn not to let the guards down yet. It might be a terrible mistake. The restrictions should be there for months, or even a year.

The response from the immune system generated by B lymphocytes takes around two weeks to kick in. therefore, after getting your first dose, you will still be at risk of getting infected with COVID for two weeks.

Also, you are required to get two doses for complete protection with a gap of 21 to 28 days. So, the vaccine might take up to 6 weeks to help protect against coronavirus.

At this stage, we are not sure if the vaccine from Pfizer or Moderna stops transmission. Further studies might help us with this matter. Until then, wear your mask, carry sanitizer, and practice social distancing.

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