Autoimmune Disorder Treatment: Inhaler Scores Better than an IV

HBI Blog / Autoimmune Disorder Treatment: Inhaler Scores Better than an IV

Nanoparticles continue their dominance in medical treatments from drug delivery to diagnosing disease. These particles are delivered to patients mostly via an injection or an IV. Biomedical engineers from the University of Michigan have been exploring how inhaled nanoparticles can benefit patients with autoimmune disorder like multiple sclerosis.

Autoimmune Disorder

Traditional treatments including IV for such disorders suppress the immune response of the body in a more generalized fashion which has lead to opportunistic infections.

Pulmonary delivery techniques can deliver the nanoparticles through a dry powder inhaler, or nebulizers by creating a mist. The process is non-invasive and has proven to be far more effective than traditional treatment processes.

Ongoing studies are examining the nanoparticle formulation that mostly targets the appropriate or desired immune cells within the lung and reprograms them to treat various autoimmune disorder diseases.


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