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Blue light

While technological advances have made our life easier, it has also brought upon us, some unexpected disadvantages. One of them is the blue light. Historically, the sun has been the only source of the blue light, but due to the explosion of personal screens and artificial lights, things seem to have worsened.

Is it that bad?

Yes & no.

  • No, as blue light exposure during the day enhances alertness and cognitive performances.
  • Yes, because it can disrupt circadian rhythm when exposed to it at night leaving you with a sleepless

Run the experiments

A recent study has found out how exposure to excessive blue light can cause cellular damage and accelerate aging, well at least that’s what happened to fruit flies because who’d have known flies and humans have the same signalling chemicals.

Here’s how the experiment went:

  • Flies were exposed to a 12 hour cycle of blue light which resulted in accelerated aging, neurodegeneration and impairment of mitochondria.
  • More flies were exposed to blue light and darkness periodically, neurodegeneration was again observed along with disrupted cellular pathways.

Even though flies are adversely affected, it is not yet known at what exposure of blue light it is considered excessive for humans.

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