Beer Hops helps in Alzheimer’s now 

HBI Blog / Beer Hops helps in Alzheimer’s now 
Beer Hops

Next time you chug a can of beer, remember that it might protect you from Alzheimer’s. The beer hops that are used to flavor beer, give them that distinct bitterness. These hops have very unique health benefits. 

According to recent studies, compounds derived from hop blossoms can prevent amyloid beta protein clumping, which is linked to Alzheimer’s disease.

How can we tackle Alzheimer’s with Beer Hops?

Alzheimer’s can be tackled with preventative strategies. Nutraceuticals, or food products with a medical or nutritional purpose, are one of these tactics. One of these prospective nutraceuticals has been the hop flowers used to flavor beer.

Certain chemicals derived from hop flowers can prevent the amyloid beta protein clumping that is linked to Alzheimer’s disease.

Should we be drinking more beers to prevent Alzheimer’s?

Absolutely NOT. Researchers have confirmed that consuming more beers will not help with Alzheimer’s. As it is not the beer, but the beer hops that helps. 

However, hop chemicals may be used as the foundation for nutraceuticals that prevent AD from developing.

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