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One of the scariest words in a parent’s vocabulary is “braces”. Just hearing a word that rhymes with braces will instantly send a parent’s brain into overdrive canceling vacations and paring down luxury spending, even if only for a moment. And, if you happen to be an adult that has just been advised to consider braces, you must also consider how the treatment and all that time off for appointments and possible pain management will affect your job.

Cost Beyond Imagination

Including monthly visits, cleanings, adjustments, repairs, and retainers, braces can easily cost $10,000 for some of the priciest options. On average, the cost is between $4,000 and $5,000 for standard metal braces and all the standard care, not including repairs or replacements. It gets even worse when you realize that your teeth may not stay in their new position. You might just have to go back in a few years and do it all over again, or your child might become an adult with braces later in their lives, most likely at an even higher cost than the first time.

Ahhh…but you have dental insurance, so you are covered, right? That is why you bought that package after all, to take care of these types of things.

Braces? Yeah, I Got This Covered.

Not necessarily.

Read your dental coverage very carefully, dental insurance is not structured the same as health insurance. Exceptionally few dental insurance plans cover the entire cost of braces, and most plans have a lifetime limit that is well below the average cost of just standard metal braces. In fact, the average dental plan has a lifetime limit of about $2,000, which means it was only ever meant to cover cleanings and very minor repairs.

Even with the best plan you are almost guaranteed to make cash payments for at least part of the cost of braces, and you will be picking up all of the cost if you have to do a second or even third course of treatment. You just became a self-pay patient or a cash paying patient, in serious need of a dentist.

With those kinds of cost possibilities and such huge gaps between the cost and insurance coverage, it is imperative to find the best prices you can from reputable and trustworthy direct medical practice and present yourself as a self-pay patient.

Self-pay patients? Wow…But… Now What?

Now you welcome yourself to the self-pay patient revolution and find a good dentist with reasonable prices!

HBI is here exactly for that reason. When you join us, you always have a comparable list of excellent dentists eager to accept self-pay patients and cash paying patients right at your fingertips, just ready and waiting to hear from you. Never again pay more than you have to in order to get the dental care you and your family deserve.

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