Breeding Ground For Salmonella On Your Frozen Chicken

HBI Blog / Breeding Ground For Salmonella On Your Frozen Chicken
Salmonella And Microwave

Salmonella outbreaks have agitated many in the United States. Researchers are now blaming microwave cooking for the repeated salmonella outbreaks in the United States. The bacteria mainly spread from frozen, breaded, and stuffed chicken items.

Federal safety regulators have long expressed worry about goods made from breaded and stuffed raw chicken. Almost 14 salmonella outbreaks have been linked to it since1998.

The Magnitude of the Problem

According to a recent survey, over a third (29%) of respondents indicated they typically prepared the products in a microwave. The team claimed that heat from the microwave is not enough to kill off salmonella germs.

Additionally, CDC researchers found that 1 in every 25 packaged chicken was contaminated with salmonella.

Risks Of Salmonella

Salmonella causes illness in 1.3 million people each year, 26,000 of whom require hospitalization, and 420 pass away.

Food processors have been informed by the USDA that new regulations will compel them to reduce the quantity of salmonella identified in goods made from breaded and stuffed chicken. The revised regulations will label salmonella as an adulterant.

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