Brief Education Reassures Patients with Non-Cardiac Chest Pain

HBI Blog / Brief Education Reassures Patients with Non-Cardiac Chest Pain

It is a common scenario when patients diagnosed with non-cardiac chest pain are reluctant to believe that they do not have heart disease.

Research concluding that the test results, if explained to the patients, will not only convince them but also will reduce the likelihood of future chest pain. The research is presented at EACVI – Best of Imaging 2020.

Non-Cardiac Chest Pain

Patients with chest pain are needed to undergo several tests to determine the cause. In 2018, around 600 outpatients with non-cardiac chest pain had CT scans at Haukeland University Hospital to examine the coronary arteries.

Around 200 of them had healthy arteries but were not ready to believe the test results and thought that they might have heart disease.

Henceforth, a study including 92 patients with non-cardiac chest pain, but no coronary diseases was conducted. These patients were randomly allocated to the intervention or control group, which went through a three-part explanation with the radiographer.

The explanation process included extended information about the CT scan, which the patients just went through, the patient’s calcium score images, and lastly, the radiographer reassuring that their results were normal.

According to experts, this type of education is likely to become more common in near future to offer improved health literacy.

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