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Divorce is often a lengthy process, with many countries requiring separation before the process is finalized – which may give enough time to heal the wounds or open room for reconciliation.

Going through a separation is extremely challenging and has several adverse effects on the divorcees. Frontiers in Psychology – an open access journal is the first to examine the immediate health impacts after a divorce in a recent study.



The study found that recent divorcees exhibited worse symptoms of physical and mental illness than that general population, regardless of other factors.

However, Professor Gert Hald of the University of Copenhagen in Denmark carried out the research on a more versatile scenario.

“Previous studies have not investigated the effects of legal separation without extensive separation periods occurring before the divorce,” he said. “We were able to study divorcees who had been granted a so-called ‘immediate’ divorce in Denmark and on average, these divorcees obtained a divorce within 5 days of filing for it.”

“Real-time” data was obtained from 1,856 recent divorcees, and the results were expectedly shocking. The mental and physical health of the divorcees took a turn towards worse after the verdict.

They have also developed an online digital solution to the problem known as ‘Cooperation After Divorce’ that can significantly reduce such problems.

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