Calcium Overload Impact on Ischemic Stroke Outcome

HBI Blog / Calcium Overload Impact on Ischemic Stroke Outcome

Ischemia = Lack of Blood Flow (to a certain area of the body).
When we talk about Ischemic Stroke, it literally means, lack of blood to the brain due to blockage in the arterial system.

ischemic stroke

For more than 20 years, we have known that during a Stroke, Ischemia (lack of blood flow) causes waves of abnormal brain activity. These abnormal activities are known as CSDs (Cortical Spreading Depolarization). These CSDs are also seen in Brain Trauma, Migraines and certain types of brain hemorrhages.

Calcium might be the culprit for Ischemic Stroke??

A research team from the University of Virginia School of Medicine, under the guidance of Dr. Petr Tvrdik, Ph.D, found that immune cells called microglia are flooded with calcium waves during an ischemic stroke.

These waves are responsible for triggering damaging inflammation, worsening the stroke’s effects. Targeting it can help doctors with an innovative way to improve patient outcomes.

Blocking these waves can help control the inflammation and can offer doctors a better way to reduce the effects of ischemic strokes.

Further research is needed to determine just how harmful these calcium waves are,” Tvrdik said.”

Great News

The great news is that the researchers were able to lower the calcium waves in their mouse models by using calcium waves reducing drugs. Which is promising for the treatment of ischemic stroke as it will reduce the overall impact of the calcium waves.

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