Caring Tips for Skin Post Laser Hair Removal

HBI Blog / Caring Tips for Skin Post Laser Hair Removal

Going for laser hair removal is just like gifting your skin with a new life. It feels soft, fresh, and without any unwanted hair. However, once you have opted for the removal sessions, there are certain things recommended by skin Specialist that you should keep in mind regarding skincare. Skin, being one of the most sensitive parts of the human body, needs extra care and moisturizing after hair removal.

Caring Tips for Skin Post Laser Hair Removal

Here are some handy tips to keep your skin glowing and healthy even after laser hair removal:

Choose Appropriate Clothing:

The sensitivity of your skin will vary from one area to another. Try to avoid tight-fitting or coarse clothing. It will hamper with the sensitivity and will irritate the area. Very soon, you will be feeling uncomfortable. Therefore, opt for soft and loose clothing (preferably made of cotton).

Say No to Hot Showers:

The laser hair removal process will keep your skin dry for a limited time. A hot shower is known to make skin dry. Therefore, try to refrain yourself from taking a hot shower as it might add to the problem. Remember to use warm (not hot) water for a bath.

Reduce Sun Exposure:

Try to avoid exposure to the sun for at least two weeks after the laser hair removal treatment. The laser used in the process is the cause behind heat response, which might accelerate when exposed to the sun. Stay indoors, and try not to get exposed to the sun to avoid sunburn or sun damage.

Remember to Apply Post-Laser Cream:

It is natural to feel pain, heat, and discomfort post-treatment process. There are several medicated creams available to help you get rid of the inconveniences caused due to the process. However, use the one prescribed to you, and never forget to use it when necessary.

These are some of the basic skin care tips that you should keep in mind after the laser hair removal treatment. These tips will not only help you get rid of any discomfort but also will let you flaunt your skin in the future without a bit to worry.

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