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HBI Blog / Cash healthcare practice on Health Beyond Insurance’s website…Search & Compare health care services
Cash Paying Patient

Healthcare has always been a dynamic industry. There was a natural progression. Before the inception of medical insurance, cash healthcare practice model was there without a second thought. When the system of Then along came health insurance companies who made deals with certain doctors, requiring that those with their insurance went to the doctors that participate in the plan.

Cash Healthcare Practice …..Changes Have Arrived

With the recession and job losses of the past few years, the average citizen needs to be a little more careful about when and where they spend their money, and a little choosier about who they spend their money with. The days of no questions asked pricing of health services are swiftly ending, and many health care providers are finally starting to ask the question “Should I put prices for my services on my website?”

The answer a resounding and unabashed. Healthcare providers should absolutely list your cash prices on their website!

New Breed of Health Care Shopper

Even if you completely discount those that are regular users of health care services already, today’s youth, and your future patients, are programmed already to find the things they want and need and the prices of those items and services on the internet. Moreover, the internet has trained those young people to seek out one stop, price comparison shopping whenever possible.

Wal-mart if you need it right now, Zappos for shoes and accessories, iTunes for music and movies, Amazon for everything else –  this is the thought process of client you are competing for in the very near future. If this is the client you are preparing for when you put your service prices on your website, then set up your provider account today.

About Health Beyond Insurance

An online platform that connects selfpay patients with health care providers to offer an easy access to health care. Our mission is to remove the barriers around health care by providing convenient access to Cash healthcare practice model, making it more accessible to all.

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