Cash Only Healthcare Providers – Is It Our Future?

HBI Blog / Cash Only Healthcare Providers – Is It Our Future?

It was not too long ago when cash-only healthcare was considered to be a myth. However, with the rising medical costs along with insurance premiums, several physicians are transitioning themselves into cash-only or direct care healthcare providers. There is nothing strange about it. Board certified , highly skilled, specialists in their fields are offering their services for a cash price, without insurance. Slowly, people have started to realize the advantages they get while visiting a cash-only physician. As a result, they are gaining steady popularity throughout the country. But, is this the future of the healthcare industry?

Cash Only Healthcare Providers Is It Our Future.

Let’s find out:

More Care at Less Cost

Before cash-only physicians came into the picture, patients mostly relied on insurance for healthcare. Having insurance has its own limitations. The choice of doctors is narrowed down. Limited time with doctors along with limited availability is a major concern. On the other hand, the doctors had to spend more time filling out paperwork for the insurance company than that they had to spend with their patients. Besides, the number of patients they had to handle was simply too high.

However, with the introduction of the cash-only concept, the scenario took a turn towards betterment. Now, without the hassle of paperwork, doctors can spend more time with their patients. It also helps them limit the number of patients they will be seeing. Almost all such physicians charge their patients an upfront fee in the form of per service, a monthly or annual membership fee.This is affordable and transparent.

The patients do not have to wait long to get an appointment with the doctor. In most cases, they get the same day or next day appointment.

So, Is Health Insurance Unnecessary?

Well, not exactly. According to the experts, if you can afford insurance for yourself or your family, get one. However, they should be kept aside for any catastrophic events. You can opt for a direct care physician to get optimized healthcare solutions at an affordable price.

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