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The future of Cancer Diagnosis

Cancer has single-handedly pushed mankind through many revolutions. Although, we have progressed with great discoveries and inventions, search for the ultimate cure remains a struggle. In this journey of finding a treatment (and hopefully cure), one of the biggest challenges are to figure out the exact state of a cancer patient, without a scope of […]

After Coronavirus, the Next Target is Cancer

Ozlem Tureci, who co-founded BioNTech with her husband, won the race to deliver the first widely used vaccine against coronavirus. She has assured people that the vaccine is safe and the technology used behind it will soon be used to fight another global plague – cancer. The Journey from Cancer to COVID-19… Last year, she […]

Revealing the True Cost of Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer

£248 Million. This is the annual cost of chemotherapy for breast cancer in the UK. It includes £1,000 per patient as ‘out-of-pocket’ personal costs. Recent research from the University of East Anglia has revealed these astounding figures. Not all of it is for treatment… The study includes a thorough investigation regarding the total non-healthcare cost […]

Pinpointing Stomach Cancer with New Therapeutic Target

WEHI researchers have successfully identified a key molecular regulator involved in the progression and spread of stomach cancer, which suggests a potential new approach to treat the disease. The researchers found that if the inflammatory signaling protein TNF is removed, it might be able to prevent early-stage stomach cancers from progressing to a severe stage […]

LRRC31 to Slow Down Tumor DNA Repair in BCBM

Breast cancer brain metastasis (BCBM) occurs to 10-15 percent of people, suffering from stage 4 breast cancer. BCBM’s 5 years survival rate is only 22%. Radiation therapy has been a gold standard in treating tumors, but it comes with many side effects. A higher dose of radiation is an effective treatment option but poses more […]

A Breakthrough in Cancer Treatment

Chemotherapy (Cancer Treatment) has many types and variations and almost all have been proven effective in slowing down the progression of cancer cells and ultimately, eliminating them. Worst part of this lifesaving cancer treatment… it can kill the healthy cells along with the cancerous cells. A new kid (breakthrough) in the block DNA-based nanogels can […]