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8 Reasons are Driving Patients to Become Cash Patients

Should you use your insurance or should you opt in as a cash patient (self-pay patient) based on the services you are receiving, your deductible left for the year or type of coverage you have? This is becoming the question for those that currently have health insurance coverage of almost any kind. Understanding the reasons behind this […]

Chiropractors? Is it Time to Turn Back?

Chiropractors are among those groups of doctors that have the hardest time with insurance companies. For reasons unknown to the rest of the world, the average insurance plans pay very little, if any, coverage for this branch of health care services. Moreover, the plans that do have any kind of coverage are so strict that […]

3 Common Types of Thyroid Tests

Thyroid problems have become one of the most common ones in the world. Various types of thyroid tests are there to understand the physiology of the thyroid. These tests help a doctor define the exact size of the gland, its functionality, and the health of the gland. The thyroid tests help a doctor detect any complications in the thyroid […]

Teeth Cleaning: What are the Natural Options

Our teeth play an integral part in overall beauty. However, no matter how much you take care of your teeth, they might get stained easily. It might be the daily cup of coffee you have in the morning, or the can of soda you enjoy at your office, or the tobacco. Somefood products are known […]

Value for Online Visibility…&….Self Pay Patients

Just about everyone that has any kind of business on the web or promoted by a website has heard of content marketing. However, not everyone that has heard of it really understands what their patients, or more importantly, future cash patients, actually needs from your website. Here are four of the most important things to get you […]

A New Specialty for the Price Conscious Patients

There was big news in the medical world in the past week. The American Board of Medical Specialties finally decided to recognize the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of addictions as a full and separate medical specialty. With a new specialty comes untold concerns for price conscious patients and self-pay patients, so HBI has put together this […]

Cash Patients and Self-pay Patients – December Summary

December is one of those months when people often forget about anything that is not Holidays related, unless absolutely critical. No one wants to deal with the possible ugliness of healthcare, especially not the stress that is often related with finding and comparing providers to ensure the best care possible at an affordable price. There […]

Anti Aging & Where The Patient Should Start

As one baby Boomer reaches age 50 every seven seconds, anti aging is becoming a big business. It is estimated that the anti aging industry will gross more than $291 billion by the end of 2015, with no signs of slowing down for decades to come. As the business grows, so does the confusion over […]

8 Reasons are Driving Patients to Become Cash Patients

Health insurance is essential. However, should you use your insurance or should you chose to become cash patients (self-pay patient)? This is becoming the question for those that currently have health insurance coverage of almost any kind. Understanding the reason behind this phenomenon may be essential to answering the question. Sometimes paying cash for health services might just be […]