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Can Commercial Earbuds Be Transformed Into Hearing-Aids

Over-the-counter hearing aids have has transformed many lives earlier this year. But now it seems, regular commercial earbuds can work just as well as hearing aids. It’s none other than Apple that made this possible. According to researchers, Apple’s AirPods Pro meets four of the five criteria needed for a gadget to be classified as a personal […]

Hazards of Domestic Plastic

Mankind is surrounded by plastics. From fast food to water bottles plastic dictates the world.  According to a recent study toxic compounds called phthalates found in household plastic can result in Uterine Fibroids. Women who have Uterine Fibroids may experience uncontrollable bleeding and infertility. Threats Of Phthalates  Researchers found substantially greater levels of the phthalate DEHP and its breakdown products (MEHHP) […]