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Facing Insurance Delays? – You Have Better Things To Do

The delays caused by getting and using health insurance are resulting in wide reaching consequences. Although, not all patients or providers experience these consequences during their daily interactions, during our research, we found some astounding insurance delays numbers that seriously need to be reconsidered by everyone involved in healthcare, really we mean everyone… Doctors, Doctors […]

Providers Receive Fund from HHS for Underinsured Vaccine Administration

VACCINE & THE FINANCIAL TROUBLE Since the COVID-19 vaccination started in the country, more than 247 million doses have been administered. More than 105 million people (around 31.8 percent of the total population) have received both doses – as per the data provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). However, the number […]

Reimbursement at Medicare Rates Might Cut Healthcare Spending by $352B

Lowering and matching the rates of private payer reimbursement to that of Medicare might reduce the steadily rising healthcare spending. However, it might also slash the revenue of hospitals and other providers. According to a new analysis, the overall healthcare spending of the country can be lowered by around $352B in 2021 if the private […]

Hospital Claim Denials Rising Steadily – Even More During Pandemic

The average rate of hospital claim denial continues to rise upwards and an event like COVID-19 has only accelerated the growth, according to a new report. Claim denial from payers is not new. The trend has been rising for quite some time now. However, the recent pandemic has only increased the rate of denials. The […]

Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance – The Average Cost

According to a research carried out in 2019, the average cost of the annual premium for employer-sponsored health insurance was approximately $7,188 for single coverage, whereas, in the case of family coverage, the amount was about $20,576. As per the report, the average annual deductible amount was around $1,655 for covered workers with single coverage. […]

A Few Services That are Not Covered in Health Insurance

It is a monumental task to navigate through various health insurance plans. Health insurance plans are among the most confusing “subscription” you can buy. Unlike anything else in the world, when you sign up for health insurance you know (almost) nothing. You don’t know if your monthly premium will hike up (in some cases overnight), […]

Tips for Travel Health Insurance for Visitors to USA

Since COVID-19 Pandemic, the US is slowly and cautiously opening her boarders to the visitors. The country is following a three-phased approach as per the advice of public health experts. People have started packing their bags and are gearing up for the trip to the country. However, keeping the pandemic and its effect in mind, […]

4 Steps to File a Health Insurance Claim Form

In most cases, a doctor’s office will submit a claim to your insurance for the services they provided you. This ensures that the claim was filed accurately and timely and the reimbursement comes directory to the doctor’s office. However, when you visit an out of network healthcare providers, they might ask you to pay upfront […]

Some of the Challenges Physicians Face with Health Insurance

Physicians are facing several challenges and obstacles in recent times. Physicians are devoted to the practicing medicine and the well-being of their patients. However, they have been facing some serious issues due to healthcare plans. Here is an overview of the challenges: Lesser Time with Patients A recent study shows that physicians spent just 27% […]

Why Healthcare is So Expensive in the U.S.

The cost of healthcare continues to rise, while the quality of care continues to experience a decline. Gaps in Care are getting larger and they are mostly associated with the increasing out of pocket cost. The rise in healthcare pricing is responsible for depression in individual spending power over the last few decades. A person, […]