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Reimbursement at Medicare Rates Might Cut Healthcare Spending by $352B

Lowering and matching the rates of private payer reimbursement to that of Medicare might reduce the steadily rising healthcare spending. However, it might also slash the revenue of hospitals and other providers. According to a new analysis, the overall healthcare spending of the country can be lowered by around $352B in 2021 if the private […]

Hospital Claim Denials Rising Steadily – Even More During Pandemic

The average rate of hospital claim denial continues to rise upwards and an event like COVID-19 has only accelerated the growth, according to a new report. Claim denial from payers is not new. The trend has been rising for quite some time now. However, the recent pandemic has only increased the rate of denials. The […]

4 Steps to File a Health Insurance Claim Form

In most cases, a doctor’s office will submit a claim to your insurance for the services they provided you. This ensures that the claim was filed accurately and timely and the reimbursement comes directory to the doctor’s office. However, when you visit an out of network healthcare providers, they might ask you to pay upfront […]