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Hey Pneumonia, See Ya Never…

An exciting new finding that might wipe out most of the risk of pneumonia. Researchers have finally been able to eradicate deadly pneumonia infection from the lungs in a mouse model, by exposing it to an army of swimming microbots. This unconventional treatment was 100% effective and directly targeted the infection site straight away. It just awaits for couple […]

Topicals For Gum diseases

This right here is probably the most ingenious idea that’ll simply live of adults in their 30s or above, the vulnerable age group who are prone to frequent gum diseases. Researchers have come up with a topical treatment to treat and prevent periodontal diseases. This topical gel was able to reduce inflammation by 50% in mouse models. Traditional […]

Metals that heal Fungal Infections

A huge scope of developing innovative drugs has just been unlocked with this study. Evaluating on, how certain special metals in chemical compounds can potentially heal deadly fungal infections. With 1 billion people contracting a fungal infection and 1.5 million dying each year, a call for a new drug was indeed needed.  Developing new drugs each time becomes a […]

 The Pill that’ll soon replace the Gym

We all know exercise helps to build muscle and improves bone formation. Scientists have come up with a drug that mimics this exact effect of physical exercise in a form of a pill. It is called Locamidazole (LAMZ). This drug caters to people who have suffered bone loss (osteoporosis) and muscle weakening (sarcopenia) due to chronic diseases, aging, etc.  […]

Cold Atmospheric Plasma and Atopic Dermatitis

The three states of matter as we know are solid, liquid and gas. But there exists a fourth state of matter called plasma, which is achieved when a gas is heated to the point where the atoms get ionized.  In the context of plasma, a recent study discovered how Atopic dermatitis Or Eczema can be cured by this revolutionary treatment of […]

Ketamine, A new-age antidepressant

An infamous anesthetic, previously approved by FDA, Ketamine has shown great benefits for people with treatment-resistant depression. Administration of ketamine infusion has shown to reduce symptoms of depression, suicidal thoughts, and anxiety. Ketamine is known for its dissociative effects for which it is also used illegally as a party drug, but originally it found its use in hospitals […]

How Health Beyond Insurance Can Help You Find The Care You Deserve

At Health Beyond Insurance we know that your health is your most precious possession. We also know that there are going to be times in everyone’s lives where it’s going to be essential to seek out professional help – be it from doctors, dentists, surgeons, or mental health specialists – and we want to make […]

4 Ways to Help Patients Feel More Comfortable Seeking Healthcare

Patients often feel uncomfortable when they are seeking healthcare. The cost of healthcare is high and it can be hard to find an affordable doctor or clinic that offers the services you need. There are many reasons patients may not seek care, but there are 4 ways that healthcare providers can help make their patients […]

Providers Protest Against Medicare Spending Cuts in COVID Relief Package

The American Rescue Plan triggers automatic cuts as a part of the deficit control measure. It will result in about $36B in Medicare spending cuts in the fiscal year 2022. The latest $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief package issued consists of multiple provisions advantageous to healthcare providers. However, it will also leave them to face significant […]

Faster, Cheaper, More Accuracy – Artificial Intelligence’s Gift to Healthcare

The cost of healthcare is rising steadily and faster than inflation for decades. According to experts, healthcare will account for more than 20 percent of the US GDP by the end of 2025. Adding to the woes, the physician shortage in the country continues to grow.  Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help solve this situation to […]