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Big Gaps in Care and Even Bigger Medical Debts

The movies, Dallas Buyers Club, Last Holiday, Sicko, The Rainmaker, John Q and Breaking Bad all point to one thing in common: The ugly side of the American Healthcare System.  The United States spent about 16% of the total GDP on healthcare from 1980-2019, when compared with the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. All, but […]

A Provider’s Guide to Offer Enhanced Financial Experience to Patient

COVID-19 has forced several providers to think about providing their patients with improved financial experiences. Certain factors like moving to digital payment methods, patient financial flexibility, and the urge for increased bill transparency have led to such a situation. Two recent reports have indicated the fact that all the above three factors are crucial in […]

Providers Receive Fund from HHS for Underinsured Vaccine Administration

VACCINE & THE FINANCIAL TROUBLE Since the COVID-19 vaccination started in the country, more than 247 million doses have been administered. More than 105 million people (around 31.8 percent of the total population) have received both doses – as per the data provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). However, the number […]

Conflict Continues over the 340B Drug Discount Program

Leading industry groups, who are also representing hospitals, as well as pharmacists, have been in touch with the new HHS Secretary, and have asked him to stop six of the major pharmaceutical companies from opposing 340B drug discounts. Newly appointed HHS Secretary Xavier Beccera has also been urged to take action against those companies. What […]