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Hospital Revenue Starts Recovering from COVID-19 Losses Slow & Steady

According to a recent report, the hospital revenue, margins, and volumes of the hospitals have slightly increased in April 202, both on a year-to-date and year-over-year basis. However, speaking in terms of recovery from the losses incurred due to COVID-19, it is a long way to go. The margins are still thin, and hospital financial […]

Conflict Continues over the 340B Drug Discount Program

Leading industry groups, who are also representing hospitals, as well as pharmacists, have been in touch with the new HHS Secretary, and have asked him to stop six of the major pharmaceutical companies from opposing 340B drug discounts. Newly appointed HHS Secretary Xavier Beccera has also been urged to take action against those companies. What […]

Poor Patient Referral Management Responsible for 10% Revenue Loss of Healthcare Facilities

Around half of the healthcare organizations throughout the country are losing more than 10 percent of revenue because of patient leakage. Almost a quarter of them do not track out-of-network patient referrals. A new survey shows that most healthcare organizations are losing a part of their revenue because they are failing to manage referrals and […]

Despite Vaccine Rollout, Hospitals to Operate in Negative Margins

More hospitals will be operating in the red in 2021 despite smooth vaccine rollout and reduced COVID-19 hospitalizations, according to a report from the American Hospital Association. The operating margins will be negative for more hospitals as compared to the pre-pandemic period. The Marginal Differences The analysis found that 39 percent of the hospitals throughout […]

COVID-19: Hospital Revenue Losses Might Pile Up to $122B in 2021

The hospital revenue losses throughout the country might be down to anywhere between $53B to $122B, as compared to pre-pandemic levels because of COVID-19. Moreover, it might also affect vaccination efforts. According to a new analysis that was released by the American Hospital Association (AHA), the health systems and hospitals, under the most optimistic scenario, […]