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Bulking and Cutting, A Pitfall of Society

Diet culture is pretty much the lifestyle among health-conscious youth. This does come with its dangers as extreme diets like Bulking and Cutting can lead to eating disorders and body dysmorphia. Bulking and Cutting diet involves an alternative period of caloric surplus i.e. bulking and caloric restriction i.e. cutting. A recent study found links between bulk and cut diet […]

Beyond The Noise

The constant search for tranquil places to get our work done might need to end, as a new study shows how ‘random noise’ can be beneficial for our brain to learn and perceive faster.  Based on a pre-existing research, this study expands on how transcranial random noise stimulation (tRNS) can improve our perception, learning potential, neuroplasticity, attention span, […]

Social Media, A bubble of delusion

Social Media, one of the most life-changing discoveries of the 21st century, has made the world fit into our palms. A total of 4.6 billion people worldwide out of which 70% are North Americans are the daily user of social media. Every other person’s favorite activity on social media is to share and change the […]

The bridge between dreams & reality

Our sleep cycle has alternate phases of REM (rapid eye movement) & NREM (non-rapid eye movement) sleep. REM sleep (25% of total sleep) is characterized by side-to-side eye movement along with increased brain activity and the best part of it all, vivid dreams. A recent study conducted on a mouse suggests that eye movements during […]

Physical Punishment: The Reason Behind Child Behavior Problems

Harsh parenting practices, and not genetics, have been held responsible for behavior problems in children in a new study recently published in Psychological Science. The study consisted of several pairs of twins whose parents had different ways of treating them. The study indicates: The identical twins whose genes are a perfect match, but have been treated […]

4 Ways ‘BAD’ Behavior Can be Good

Yes, the title is strange, and the content will be stranger. But the words are from a thorough study of human behavior and its outcomes. Research has uncovered multiple benefits from instances of what might otherwise refer to as ‘bad’ behavior. SWEARING Swearing has multiple well-documented benefits including improved pain tolerance, helping social cohesion, and […]