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The rabbit hole of Procrastination

Everybody delays doing something occasionally. Whether it be paying the bills, scheduling a doctor’s appointment, finishing an assignment for school, or meeting a deadline at work. Eventually, we get trapped in the vicious cycle of procrastination which is comparable to falling into quicksand. Studies that estimated procrastination According to estimates, 20% of adults in the US consistently put off […]

Doctor Finds 23 Contact Lenses in a Woman’s Eye

A Californian doctor was surprised when she found 23 contact lenses in her patient’s eyes. Ophthalmologist Katerina Kurteeva, MD, can be seen removing contact lenses from a woman’s eye in a video posted on Instagram. According to the doctor 23 contact lenses had been beneath the eyelid for a month and were practically bonded together. This has […]

Hair Straightening and Uterine Cancer

Even though we’re now more than ever rocking our natural hair texture, many of us still feel the need to use chemical hair straightening to make our hair straighter and smoother. But at what cost? A recent study has revealed how chemical hair straightening products may be linked with an increased risk of uterine cancer in women. Let’s look […]

Blue Sky and Ocean’s call

Let’s take a moment to close our eyes and imagine a beach vacation, the somber wind blowing, the noises from the ocean filling us up, and the blue sky soothing our souls. Even thinking about it makes us feel at peace. Similarly, in a recent study, it was revealed that childhood exposure to “blue spaces” like […]

Brain Cells, Playing Vintage Ping Pong… What?

As ridiculous as the title may sound, it has actually happened. This was made possible in in-vitro conditions by a group of researchers. It is the first instance where goal-directed tasks can be taught to a group of lab-grown brain cells. The setup consists of a collection of 800,000 mice brain cells “DishBrain”. How was DishBrain taught to Brain […]

A family that eats together, stays together

As heart-warming and comforting as it is to share a meal with your family, it has also been proven to reduce stress in a staggering 91% of families. A recent survey revealed, winding down at the end of the day with a family meal can reduce stress, boost self-esteem and improve social connection, particularly for kids. Highlights of […]

Hack Your Brain to Happiness

All of us exist in memories, be they good or bad. It’s a vital tool to resurrect old experiences and bonding. Needless to say, memory creation is a sophisticated brain process that involves storing and retrieving data. More hints concerning the location and organization of memories in the brain have recently come to light, according to […]

Stem Cell Treatment for Spina Bifida

Doctors witnessed a historic moment in healthcare when three babies were born after receiving the world’s first Stem Cell treatment for Spina Bifida. This was made possible by a landmark clinical trial at UC Davis Health, with the help of Emily, the mother of the baby who volunteered to be a part of the first human […]

Can Brain Heal Inherited Blindness?

This discovery is like a ray of light for visually impaired individuals. A recent study revealed that the adult brain can partially heal itself from inherited blindness.  It all started while looking for a treatment option for LCA, or Leber congenital amaurosis. It is a class of inherited retinal diseases that are defined by significant birth vision impairment. […]

Saliva that Trigger Skin’s Immune Response

Ticks are one of the most dangerous disease vectors that are not be judged by their size. This arachnid has caused plenty of damage to mankind with just one bite. Researchers are still confused and fascinated by this eight-legged creature and its saliva that can cause Cephalitis (TBE) or Lyme disease. New research has found out tick saliva can […]