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Estrogen Might Help With Delirium 

The resurgence of interest in hormone replacement therapy has led to this groundbreaking discovery. Women with urinary tract infections (UTIs) frequently experience Delirium, particularly those who have gone through menopause. With estrogen, a hormone that is frequently utilized in hormone replacement therapy, researchers have been able to prevent the symptoms in a mice model. How Does Estrogen […]

Facial Scars And Insecurities 

We all get insecure at times. This has gotten worse due to the cruel beauty standard that social media pushes onto us.  Small imperfections like facial scars can make a person self-conscious. But it has no impact on other people’s initial assessments of a person’s attractiveness or confidence, a new study suggests. How Are Facial Scars Perceived? The researchers had anticipated […]

Virtual Yoga And IBS Symptom 

Relaxing with yoga in the dawn is probably a morning ritual for a minority. But the latest study will make you want to incorporate yoga into your lifestyle too. A recent study suggests that a virtual yoga program could assist people with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) reduce their symptoms, exhaustion, and stress. How Does Yoga Help With IBS? In […]

Dance Beyond The Music This Holiday Season

The holiday season is right around the corner which means good food and endless partying. We love to dance at these parties, but what influences this desire? According to a recent study, sounds below the human hearing threshold can increase people’s desire to dance. People might not even be aware of this happening. Is It Really […]

Bloating Is A Widespread Issue Among Americans 

Bloating affects nearly one in seven Americans every week. But a majority of them don’t seek medical attention for it, revealed in a new study. People who are bloated may experience tightness or swelling in the abdomen. It can occasionally be caused by food or an underlying illness, such as irritable bowel syndrome, a lack of carbohydrate enzymes, or […]

A Purposeful Living 

This a good moment to indulge in self-introspection ask yourself this one question. What is purposeful living? We all have goals to achieve, and families to care of. Maybe this is our purpose. An increasing collection of research indicates that having a purpose in life may lengthen your lifespan. Purposeful Living & Longer Life Span This research […]

Eye Contact Is Intimidating For Individuals With Autism 

Developmental impairment known as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is brought on by variations in the brain. People with ASD frequently struggle with social contact and communication. Out of the many characteristics of Autism, reluctance to make eye contact stands out. Researchers now believe they understand where in the brain the tendency to avoid eye contact comes from. A Peep […]

Allergens Love Smartphones 

That handy little device in your hands is probably making you sneeze repeatedly. Even a study found out smartphones are loaded with allergens like cat or dog allergens, bacteria, and fungi. Might as well give your smartphones frequent wipes after this one. Under the Microscope  To conduct the study, the researchers used 15 volunteers and phone simulators. Each participant […]

Beer Hops helps in Alzheimer’s now 

Next time you chug a can of beer, remember that it might protect you from Alzheimer’s. The beer hops that are used to flavor beer, give them that distinct bitterness. These hops have very unique health benefits.  According to recent studies, compounds derived from hop blossoms can prevent amyloid beta protein clumping, which is linked to Alzheimer’s disease. […]

Lab Grown Red Blood Cell

The saga of lab-grown components of the human body continues. This time it is lab-grown red blood cells (RBC). Red blood cells generated in a lab have been transfused into humans for the first time. This opened the door to potentially groundbreaking therapies for individuals with uncommon blood types or blood disorders like sickle cell disease. […]