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3 Common Types of Thyroid Tests

Thyroid problems have become one of the most common ones in the world. Various types of thyroid tests are there to understand the physiology of the thyroid. These tests help a doctor define the exact size of the gland, its functionality, and the health of the gland. The thyroid tests help a doctor detect any complications in the thyroid […]

Teeth Cleaning: What are the Natural Options

Our teeth play an integral part in overall beauty. However, no matter how much you take care of your teeth, they might get stained easily. It might be the daily cup of coffee you have in the morning, or the can of soda you enjoy at your office, or the tobacco. Somefood products are known […]

The Health Insurance Crisis & The SelfPay Solution

As much as some politicians would like you to believe otherwise, the health insurance crisis has not passed, it has simply changed. Before the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was passed, there were millions without insurance getting substandard care wherever they could. Since the ACA, there are now millions that can say they have insurance who […]

HBI Month in Review. October is Self-Pay Month

This October has been a busy month for Health Beyond Insurance. As always, we are searching high and low to find cash providers to add to our ranks. We welcomed many self-pay patients and cash patients with open arms. We are working every day to ensure that each and every one of you gets the services […]