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Special Sounds to Stop Nightmares

Crazy nightmares & weird dreams have plagued most of us at some point. But there are about 4% of adults are plagued by the distressing and recurring nightmares. To ease patients with chronic nightmares, researchers found that hearing specific sounds while sleeping helped. Nightmares & Nightmare disorders Most might think it’s normal to have frequent nightmares. But there […]

Opioid Withdrawal and Home Sensors

We are all familiar with our interactive smart home devices that can pretty much do anything with vocal instructions. This whole concept was revolutionized by the healthcare community into making a similar smart home sensor technology that’ll help detect signs of opioid withdrawal symptoms in opioid addicts who are trying to recover. It could also help curb opioid overdose […]

 Another Win for The Early birds

Mankind has probably split into two different factions depending on their enthusiasm in the morning (Chronotypes). One of them is Early birds, they leap out of their bed early in the morning  to conquer the world while the other faction is Night owls, their productivity skyrockets past midnight. But the debate over which one is an […]

Sleep Apnea and associated disorders

Experiencing shortness of breath while sleeping due to sleep apnea can be frightening, but it is even more frightening to learn that Sleep Apnea, among the various sleep disorders, is associated with other diseases such as cancer, cognitive decline, and many more, This information was revealed by a new research. Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is a condition in which a person experiences a periodical […]

The Ticking Clock Of Nature

The connection between the sleepless nights and a bad mood, the day after, might seem coincidental to some, but research shows numerous associations between poor sleep with mental health disorders like autism, ADHD, bipolar disorders, and many more. More so, out of 300 million people who have depression, 75% are insomniacs. How are they related? […]

The bridge between dreams & reality

Our sleep cycle has alternate phases of REM (rapid eye movement) & NREM (non-rapid eye movement) sleep. REM sleep (25% of total sleep) is characterized by side-to-side eye movement along with increased brain activity and the best part of it all, vivid dreams. A recent study conducted on a mouse suggests that eye movements during […]

Sleep Tight, Don’t let the Stress Bite

Want to do LIFE better, sleep better. Sleep, like breathing, is an essential function that our bodies perform to support us during the awake hours. Although, unlike breathing, blinking and other autonomous functions, sleep requires an active effort to commence, but the impact of this activity supports all human functions. We’ve all had throbbing headaches […]