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Can Commercial Earbuds Be Transformed Into Hearing-Aids

Over-the-counter hearing aids have has transformed many lives earlier this year. But now it seems, regular commercial earbuds can work just as well as hearing aids. It’s none other than Apple that made this possible. According to researchers, Apple’s AirPods Pro meets four of the five criteria needed for a gadget to be classified as a personal […]

No Need To Be Scared Of Needles Anymore

We all have had traumatizing experiences with needles at least once in our life. But soon a new technology might replace needles in medical labs. With just one touch of the finger, researchers have created a brand-new technique to analyze blood composition. This is encouraging for the large number of individuals who are afraid of needles. How does […]

Getting Health Information On Instagram?

Content Consumption has been the biggest source of entertainment and knowledge. This comes with the heap load of misinformation that is spread across social media platforms like Instagram. One in four popular Instagram posts about Hepatitis B was inaccurate. These posts were much more likely to come from accounts that were operating for profit or that were advertising goods […]

Special Sounds to Stop Nightmares

Crazy nightmares & weird dreams have plagued most of us at some point. But there are about 4% of adults are plagued by the distressing and recurring nightmares. To ease patients with chronic nightmares, researchers found that hearing specific sounds while sleeping helped. Nightmares & Nightmare disorders Most might think it’s normal to have frequent nightmares. But there […]

Our Brain Lights Up When We See Food

The best part about Halloween is all the candies and the good food. In the context of Halloween & food, a new study has found that a special part of our brain lights up when we see food. This section, known as the “ventral food component,” is located in the visual cortex of the brain, which is a region […]

Mimicking the structure of Living blood vessels 

Out of the many things that scientist have made in labs, blood vessels seems to be the most mind-blowing. In a recent discovery by the University of Sydney, the team was able to create a technology that makes it possible to produce materials that resemble the structure of living blood arteries, having a substantial impact on how the surgery […]

Soon Your Smartphone Will Predict Mortality Risk 

We exist in an era where the dependency on fancy tech is the new trend. Strapping on a smartwatch before going for a run seems like a routine that didn’t exist a decade ago, but now is everyone’s lifestyle. With that being said a new study reveals how population-level models of health and mortality risk can be built using […]

A Fluffy Robot Will Soon Help to Get Injections

Robots may soon replace humans as our go-to friends, just as most of us never leave home without our cell phones. It certainly seems so based on recent trials by Japanese researchers who created a handheld soft robot that can enhance patients’ experiences during injections. This has taken being tech-savvy to a whole new level. Meet Releibo, a […]

Opioid Withdrawal and Home Sensors

We are all familiar with our interactive smart home devices that can pretty much do anything with vocal instructions. This whole concept was revolutionized by the healthcare community into making a similar smart home sensor technology that’ll help detect signs of opioid withdrawal symptoms in opioid addicts who are trying to recover. It could also help curb opioid overdose […]

Hey Siri, tell me about hand hygiene

Hand hygiene is probably the most talked about topic of the last two years with the ongoing pandemic. Regular hand washing and sanitizing have made hands the most attended part of our body. To further help with that, thermal imaging is offered by a portable mini camera that is compatible with any iPhone. This technology uses a forward-looking […]