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Chirping Birds

The chirping birds have always amused poets and artists. Now a newly released study reveals that birdsong is good for mental health.

According to the study, hearing, seeing, and simply coming into contact with birds can lift both depressed individuals and the general population’s spirits.

The Experiment 

Using a smartphone app called Urban Mind, the study tracked roughly 1,300 individuals during their regular interactions with birds over the course of the previous year. The individuals belong to China, Australia, Australia, Britain, and Europe.

Participants in the study used the app to record their feelings. They also recorded the trees and birds that they are across.

The Theory behind the Chirping Birds

The average well-being scores skyrocketed when people encountered birds or hear them. This is the same for those who have had a history of depression.

Birds have a positive effect on people with depression even for individuals who are not benefited from other treatments.

Feeling joy while hearing birds chirp is embedded deep within our psyches. This can be because birdsongs represent the approach of spring, rejuvenation, and pleasant times.

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