Cold Atmospheric Plasma and Atopic Dermatitis

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The three states of matter as we know are solid, liquid and gas. But there exists a fourth state of matter called plasma, which is achieved when a gas is heated to the point where the atoms get ionized. 

In the context of plasma, a recent study discovered how Atopic dermatitis Or Eczema can be cured by this revolutionary treatment of cold atmospheric plasma.

What is cold atmospheric plasma?

Okay, now we know that that plasma is the fourth state of matter. However, when produced at a very low temperature (40°C or 104°F) it is called cold atmospheric plasma (CAP). Scientists also speculate that 99% of all matter in the universe other than earth is plasma, even the sun and the lightning are made up of plasma.

CAP first found its use back in the 1960s as a sterilizer, then it was used as a treatment in 1990. Today, CAP is being researched for being able to treat cancerous tumors, in dental procedures and wound healing.

How does it help atopic dermatitis?

Previously atopic dermatitis was treated by a skin coating treatment involving corticosteroid hormone. Prolonged use of hormones had an array of side effects for which doctors began the hunt for a viable alternative. CAP on the other hand was able to heal atopic dermatitis-like skin injury and reduced inflammatory responses in a mouse model conducted in the study without any signs of harmful side effects.

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