Cold Weather Might Accelerate Joint Pain and Stiffness

HBI Blog / Cold Weather Might Accelerate Joint Pain and Stiffness

Aches, pain, and stiffness are common during a change of weather, especially during the cold months of winter. It is not clear why many people react to weather changes, but several steps can make you more comfortable during winter if you are suffering from joint pain and stiffness.

Joint Pain


There is no accurate explanation why dropping temperatures result in increased joint pain and stiffness. However, a theory relates to the drop in barometric pressure, causing the tendon, muscles, and the tissues surrounding it to expand. Due to the confined space within the human body, it can accelerate pain, specifically in the joints affected by arthritis.


The reaction of the human body to fluctuating barometric pressure is common. However, people who suffer from arthritis or chronic pain are more vulnerable to stiffness and feel a greater level of discomfort than others. Moreover, bad weather can also affect your mood. If you are sad or depressed, it will only magnify the perception of pain.


If you experience new or unusual symptoms including redness, persistent swelling, and difficulty in putting pressure on your joints during winter, it might be a good idea to consult a physician. Besides, if you are suffering from consistent or severe joint pain, seek medical care right away.


Following tips can help you reduce the risk of joint pain and control the acceleration during the winter months:

  • Dress in layer to stay warm during the winter and ease the shock of cold weather.
  • Exercise daily. It will help you maintain the body shape and prevent putting more pressure on your joints. You will also be less prone to injury.
  • Try maintaining a healthy weight.
  • Stop putting unnecessary strain on your joints during daily activities.
  • Heat can help your muscles relax. Therefore, apply heat pads to the painful joints.

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