Common Types of Depression and Their Treatment

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Depression is one of the most common yet serious mood disorders that put a negative impact on the quality of life and often results in disability. 1 in every 15 adults suffers from depression or has gone through a depressive phase.

Common Types of Depression and Their Treatment

Here are some of the most common types of depression:

Persistent Depressive Disorder

This disorder is also common by the name of dysthymia. The symptoms of this type of misery last for around two years. Though not as severe as major despair, the nature of this disorder can hamper the daily life and relationships of a person. A person might lose his interest in daily activities, experience reduced productivity, and feel hopeless.

Psychotic Depression

This is the type of depression that is accompanied by psychosis or psychotic symptoms like hallucinations, delusions, or false beliefs. All of these psychotic symptoms are often related to the depressed feelings of the person.

Perinatal or Postpartum Depression

Several women experience depression during pregnancy or after delivery. Gloominess during pregnancy is termed as perinatal depression, and that after delivery is known as postpartum depression. The symptoms of these types of misery include anxiety, crying, sadness, exhaustion, and loss of appetite. Often, it creates challenges during pregnancy or while caring for the new child.

Seasonal Affective Disorder

This disorder is also commonly known as seasonal or winter despair and coincides with the changing season. A person might feel heavily depressed or can experience a lack of energy during the period. This period generally begins and ends the same time every year – from as early as late fall to spring or summer. Depression of this type is also common during summer, but the severity is lower than that of winter.

According to experts, integrative medicine is one of the best solutions to treat misery. Psychotherapy, tai chi, yoga, and several other things can calm the mind and body and can help a patient get out of melancholy effectively. Moreover, long term use of such treatment can help a patient eradicate depression.

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