Covid-19: 4 Precautions for The Healthcare Personnel

HBI Blog / Covid-19: 4 Precautions for The Healthcare Personnel

Healthcare workers have been the frontline warriors against the COVID-19 virus since the beginning. They cared and helped people to the best of their capability to return home safe and sound. However, the healthcare workers and their families are exposed to maximum risk while they provide care and treatment to others and always recommend “Wellness Is Absolute Necessity“.

Corona Virus_ 4 Precautions for The Healthcare Personnel

Among numerous things that the frontline workers need to follow to return home safe, here are a few precautions that will ensure the safety of the workers, as well as, their family –

Prevention of Infection

Protective gear of all kinds is necessary for all healthcare workers. From PPE kits to face shields, disposable masks to gloves, they need to protect themselves by all means possible. Apart from healthcare workers directly working with COVID patients, primary care physician should also take the above precautions and encourage their patients to do the same.

Protocols for Emergency Departments

Emergency departments are the most vulnerable place during this pandemic. The affected patients need to be passed through emergency desks. On the other hand, friends and family of the patients make the emergency department crowded, increasing the risk of spreading the virus. Hence, urgent actions are necessary not only for the patients but also for those who come with them. The emergency area should be as clean and less populated as possible to prevent further contamination.

Decontaminations and Hand Hygiene

Researchers have been strictly advising to maintain proper hygiene since the beginning of the pandemic. Apart from wearing preventive kits, healthcare workers should wash their hands as frequently as possible. The virus is capable of surviving on surfaces for hours or days. Therefore, sanitization and decontamination of any personal things of the patient and the workers should be an integral part of the daily routine.

Protection for Family Members

The family members of the healthcare workers remain at continuous risk of getting exposed to the virus. Therefore, workers should abide by things like changing clothes and washing them right after entering the home. Moreover, they should also think about separate living spaces for the time being. Disinfection of the living area at regular intervals can be helpful too.

The healthcare workers are the reason we, the ordinary people, can enjoy sound sleep at night. They risk their lives to save ours, even in this pandemic. Therefore, we must help them to the greatest extent possible. After all, we have to win this war against COVID-19 together.

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