Finally, A Reason to be Happy

HBI Blog / Finally, A Reason to be Happy

Yes, finally good news for everyone searching for a glimpse of “normal life”. Even before the vaccine for coronavirus lands, studies are indicating the fact that immunity to the Corona Virus might last for years, even decades.

covid-19 virus

Individuals, who have recovered from the corona virus, have developed “robust” levels of B and T cells (vital for fighting off the virus), and these cells are here to stay.

Blood samples were collected from 185 patients of 19-81 years of age who had tested positive for coronavirus at the early stage of the pandemic. It revealed that most of them had enough immune cells to fight the virus and prevent reinfection.

More importantly, these antibodies were “durable”, and can provide years, even decades of protection.

The New York Times has already referred to it as “the most comprehensive and long-ranging study of immune memory to the corona virus to date”.

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