COVID-19 Causing Erectile Dysfunction? It’s True

HBI Blog / COVID-19 Causing Erectile Dysfunction? It’s True

By now, we have become aware of many common and not so common symptoms of COVID-19 infections. Some of the common symptoms are loss of taste/smell, body aches, nausea and fever. However, among not so common, but alarmingly dangerous symptoms are neurological symptoms, i.e. Erectile Dysfunction caused by neurological complications amid Covid-19 infection.

Dr. Dena Grayson is an infectious disease expert, who has expressed her concern regarding the side effect of COVID-19.

  • There is a ‘real concern’ regarding COVID-19 which revolves around causing long-term issues of erectile dysfunction, Said Dr. Dena Grayson.
  • According to Dr. Grayson, the coronavirus is known to cause issues in the vasculature.
  • Apart from erectile dysfunction, there could be more long-term negative consequences of the infection, which includes neurological complications.
  • All of these information come as US reported 211,000 fresh coronavirus cases and 2,445 deaths.

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