COVID-19 Vaccine/Shots won’t (Likely) be Mandatory

HBI Blog / COVID-19 Vaccine/Shots won’t (Likely) be Mandatory

A limited supply of COVID-19 vaccines is potentially arriving in Chicago this month. Several hospitals are busy finalizing plans for which workers will get them first and how the covid-19 vaccine will be stored and distributed.

COVID-19 Shots

An email was sent to faculty, staff, and students on Wednesday by the University of Chicago Medicine leaders stating the covid-19 vaccine will be optional, although they encouraged employees to consider it.

Most hospitals are planning to give the first vaccines to workers in the emergency department, intensive care units, and those who care or are directly exposed to COVID-19 patients.

Most cities are expected to get the covid-19 vaccine for 20,000 to 25,000 people, while highly affected states might get them at a higher margin. Whatever the case is, both the city and state are going to follow federal guidelines on vaccine distribution.

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