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California witnessed a sudden surge in coronavirus cases, thereby eliminating any chances for the theme parks to open their doors to the public anytime soon. Disney’s CEO Bob Chapek was “extremely disappointed”on the state guideline.

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Given the current situation, most California theme parks are not likely to open before early 2021 or even next summer.

Good news

Fortunately, the vaccine seems to be on its way. Both Pfizer and Moderna have reported successful initial trials with over 90% efficacy. Healthcare workers are going to be the first to receive the COVID vaccine as the Governments are planning to distribute the vaccine among millions of people.

Vaccine (Yes/No)… Can Disney help you make the decision?

We have all heard a lot about the debate on vaccine safety. It is no surprise that the anticipation of COVID vaccine has already started those conversations.

It is obvious that the country will need a massive publicity campaign to make people understand that the new COVID vaccine will be completely safe, effective, and necessary. Along with it, they also need to address people on where, how, and when they can get the vaccine.

This is where Disney and other major theme park companies can help.And, we all know how Disney can make the public want something…

It is important because we might only think of visiting the theme parks if the super majority gets the vaccine.

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