Crosswords or Video Games?

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Crosswords or Video Games? Seems like an obvious choice that video games will always be preferred. But the wisest choice would be to pick crosswords.

A recent study reveals crosswords have helped to slow down the memory degeneration in the elderly. This study followed a group of older adults with mild cognitive impairment.

Crosswords Vs Video Games 

In tests of memory and other mental abilities, people who were randomly assigned to do crossword puzzles for 18 months showed a slight improvement. 

That was in contrast to study participants who were given a more contemporary brain exercise—computer games. Their test results generally slipped over time.

Crossword & Dementia 

Mentally stimulating activities are one strategy being investigated by researchers in their quest to identify ways to slow or stop the progression of dementia.

Even though it seems improbable that any one factor, whether it be crossword puzzles or something else, will significantly affect how a complicated disease like dementia develops.

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