Dance Beyond The Music This Holiday Season

HBI Blog / Dance Beyond The Music This Holiday Season

The holiday season is right around the corner which means good food and endless partying. We love to dance at these parties, but what influences this desire?

According to a recent study, sounds below the human hearing threshold can increase people’s desire to dance. People might not even be aware of this happening.

Is It Really The Music That’s Making Us Dance?

To answer this question 66 participants were made to wear motion capture headbands at a concert.

During the 55-minute concert, the researchers alternately turned on and off very low frequency (VLF) noises (8-37 Hz) over the speakers every 2.5 minutes.

The Participants moved 11.8% more when the VLFs were on compared to when it wasn’t.

Some Contradictions 

The researchers also speculated that because of the large audience, concertgoers may have danced more.

This is why further studies should concentrate on individuals to counteract the crowd effect. They are also interested in seeing similar research done with deaf or hearing-impaired individuals.

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