Dental Health Problems, Migraine, and Headache

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What is the cause of Migraine?

According to recent researches, migraine is a type of neurological disorder that involves nerve pathways and brain chemicals. However, there are specific conditions that raise the chances of having a migraine attack. Allergies, bright light, change in barometric pressure, hormonal fluctuations, humidity, overuse of medication, certain food and smells, high stress, and lack of sleep are some of the probable conditions that can trigger a migraine attack.

Dental Problems

How dental health affects migraine?

Apart from the above conditions, migraine and headache can also be caused by dental health issues. Some of these issues are:

  • “Bad bite” is a condition that can occur due to loose, missing, or misaligned teeth. In such a condition, the jaw muscles have to work constantly to perform certain operations like bringing the teeth together, swallowing food, and even keeping the mouth closed. Often it leads to persistent inflammation of muscles that can cause migraine or headache.
  • Muscle and gum inflammation is common due to the grinding of teeth. Again, it might be a probable cause of headache.
  • A toothache that lasts for several days can be the reason behind tooth decay and is also a common reason behind migraine and headache.

The Treatment Process

Many people have reported experiencing migraine or headache on one side of their head. According to a report by The Journal of Prolotherapy, dental conditions are the most common reasons behind such pain. As a result, it is vital to see dentists at regular intervals and keep them informed about any history of migraine or headache. Dental health problems causing migraines are treatable. In most cases, restorative or orthodontic treatment resolves such problems. Often, dentists suggest mouth guard wear at night to stop teeth grinding.

Therefore, people who are suffering from migraines or headaches should visit a dentist as soon as possible to find out if any dental problems are triggering the situation. The dentist can help cure any such dental problems to help get rid of a migraine.

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