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Many people feel confused about whether or not to choose a dental insurance plan. Well, like any other health insurance plans, dental plans have their own advantages and disadvantages. In this space, we will discuss them, and hopefully, help you decide if you need a dental plan.

Dental Insurance

Pros of Dental Insurance

  • Preventive care is fully covered in most dental plans. It means that you can book your annual dental exams, twice a year teeth cleaning, diagnostic x-rays, and other preventive services on a routine basis. Most of the dental problems are preventable, and dental insurance is focused on prevention. Therefore, it would be a good idea to take advantage of these resources.
  • Dental problems occur often without a hint of realization. Therefore, if your child needs braces, or you have a small cavity, a dental plan might come in handy. Surely it will not pay for all the expenses, but neither will you.
  • You get to choose from several options. Imagine pulling out a painful tooth just because you do not have a dental plan. With a dental plan, you can go for a root canal and crown to get rid of the pain and save the smile. Moreover, you can also extract the tooth and go for a dental implant.

Cons of Dental Insurance

  • Not all treatments are covered in dental plans. Cosmetic treatments, dental sealants for adults, any extra cleaning in a year are some of the services that are excluded from a dental plan.
  • There are yearly limits on various dental services. If you are planning on getting multiple fillings or crowns, the policy might not cover all of them. As the dental plan benefits wear out, you will need to pay out of your pocket for those services or have to wait for the next year.
  • Often, the insurance company requires a treatment process to be pre-approved. Let’s say you are in an urgent need of a root canal or a crown. The dentist needs to send the x-rays, charts, and other supportive information to the insurer for approval. It might take a few weeks for the approval to come. At times, it might also get rejected.
  • Like health insurance, dental plans have a deductible amount too. It is necessary to pay the deductible amount first to let the dental plan start working.

Hopefully, with these pros and cons, you can decide if you need a dental plan or look for some better alternatives.

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