Dental Insurance – What’s Covered & What’s Not

HBI Blog / Dental Insurance – What’s Covered & What’s Not

People are long worried about whether or not to choose a dental insurance policy. While some people think that dental insurance keeps them safe from huge bills, others believe that there is nothing special about dental insurance. Therefore, to give you a clear idea and help you decide if you need a dental plan, we are providing you with the list of services that are covered in a dental plan and the services that are not covered.

Disclaimer: Where we mentioned “covered or included”, it is referred to the services/screening/procedures included in a dental plan. However, most dental plans come with their limitations of maximum spend per year, even for the services that are considered “covered”.

Dental Insurance


Diagnostic Procedures

A proper diagnosis is necessary even before any treatment starts. A variety of screening procedures are included in the insurance plans:

  • Periodic oral examinations and check-up.
  • Emergency exams.
  • Peripheral, FMX, or panoramic X-rays.
  • Testing for oral cancer.

Preventive Procedures

Preventive procedures are those that help you avoid certain oral conditions like cavities and other gum diseases. These procedures include dental cleaning, screenings for any gum diseases, and applying protective dental sealants to block decay from developing in the teeth. Besides, fluoride treatments are also done by an oral hygiene expert to rejuvenate weak enamel. Most of the insurance policies come with two appointments for preventive care per year or one for every six months.

Restorative Treatments

Fillings, root canal treatment, dental crowns are treatments that can fix or repair certain dental problems while restoring good oral health. Depending on the level of severity of the condition, the dental insurance company will reimburse you. The more severe the condition is, the more money you might have to pay out of your pocket.

Apart from the above, oral surgery and orthodontic therapy are also included in the insurance plans.

Limits & Exclusions

  • Cosmetic treatment serving aesthetic purposes only.
  • Age restrictions on fluoride treatments, bracelets, and sealants.
  • Pre-existing dental conditions are excluded at times.
  • You need to meet the deductible amount before treatment is processed.
  • There’s a maximum allowable benefit ceiling for every year.

With all the important information at your fingertips, it is now easy for you to decide whether or not you will need a dental insurance plan.

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