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Human body is amazing. Let’s checkout the facts:

Wisdom teeth serves no purpose at all. As our brains grew, it required more space at the bottom of the skull which reduced the space in mouth, crowding out the 3rd set (wisdom tooth) molars.

Amazing Human

We don’t know (still) why we yawn, but it has proven to be contagious.

Blood vessels in the human body, if laid end to end, can encircle the Earth four times.

Humans are the only animals with chins.

Most of the air going in and out while breathing is through one nostril. Every few hours, the workload is shifted to the other one.

The human nose is capable of detecting about 1 trillion different smells.

Hair continues to grow for a while after we are dead, but nails stop growing.

Love cracking your knuckles? The sound originates from gas bubbles bursting in the joints.

Skin is our body’s largest organ of the human body, and makes up of around 15 percent of the total body weight.

All humans are more than 99% identical, when considering genetic makeup.

Ever heard of amygdalohippocampectomy? Sounds frightening? Well, it is a surgical procedure to remove half of the brain’s amygdala and the patient’s sense of fear along with it. Not so frightening anymore!

Average human’s heart beats more than 3 billion times in a lifetime.

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