Digital Masks for Patient Privacy

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Digital Masks

We all spent almost 2 years with masks. We were told masks will protect the virus spread. Well, It’s an elevated form of facial mask that allows biometric and other case-sensitive credentials of patients to be stored in a database. Scientists are calling it a ‘digital mask’. Concepts and techniques like 3D reconstruction and deep, learning algorithms were put to use. This erased identifiable features and retained the disease-relevant features only.

Why do we need a Digital Mask?

Increased digitization of medical records poses a threat to data breaching. Facial data is one of the hardest to anonymize while retaining essential information. Previously, cropping and blurring methods were used which would often lose disease-relevant information. This inconvenience brought about the need to have improved technology to anonymize facial data.

The Future of Medicine

Doctors believe this could revolutionize healthcare services and improve the telemedicine experience. Digital masking offers a pragmatic approach to making information useful to physicians while protecting patient’s privacy. This technology will surpass AI-powered facial recognition algorithms very soon making it a widely accepted tool for privacy protection in the healthcare industry.

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