Doctor Finds 23 Contact Lenses in a Woman’s Eye

HBI Blog / Doctor Finds 23 Contact Lenses in a Woman’s Eye
Contact Lenses

A Californian doctor was surprised when she found 23 contact lenses in her patient’s eyes. Ophthalmologist Katerina Kurteeva, MD, can be seen removing contact lenses from a woman’s eye in a video posted on Instagram. According to the doctor 23 contact lenses had been beneath the eyelid for a month and were practically bonded together.

This has stirred up new consciousness among contact lens users to be more diligent about contact lens care.

Contact Lenses Care & Safety

The FDA has a set of guidelines regarding contact lens safety that is highly recommended for any contact lens users out there. But now here are some tips you might wanna follow.

  • Washing your hands, before putting them in and placing them out.
  • Using a proper contact lens storage solution for extended-wear contact lens
  • Contacting an ophthalmologist if any irritation occurs.

The Probable Cons

The CDC estimates that 45 million Americans utilize lenses. The use of these lenses raises the danger of infections like microbial keratitis. Microbial keratitis can, in extreme circumstances, result in blindness or necessitate a corneal transplant. Prolonged use can also desensitize the cornea.

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